Planning A Carnival Themed Birthday Party

A birthday is a special occasion, and there are many things that one can do to celebrate it. While adults love to do a myriad of things to celebrate their birthday, all kids want to do is to have the most fun birthday party. If you too have a child, you would know that themed birthday parties are the trend today. Starting from first birthday parties to sweet sixteenth parties, there always is a theme to the party. A themed birthday party not only looks pretty, but is also loads of fun. Carnival is one such theme where kids and adults alike can have fun. Here are some tips to make your carnival themed birthday party dream a reality.

Dress Up

There is no fun in having a carnival themed birthday party if the invitees and hosts do not dress up to the theme. Therefore inform your guests well in advance of the theme so that they may be able to get the costumes ready. If not, you can have a costume trunk so that your guests can pick and choose their costumes while at the party. This option may cost you considerably more if you opt to purchase all the costumes. There are many shops where you can rent such costumes at quite affordable prices.

The Acts

A carnival is not complete without clowns, fire eaters and trapeze dancers. Hunt up your local directory and call up companies where they stage such performances. They may have several packages depending on the length of the act. The longer the act may be, the more the cost will be. Try not to make the acts too long, and no more than 5 minutes. Another way in which you can give an authentic carnival feel to your party is to rent a jumping castle.


A carnival is nothing if not for games. Therefore make sure that you have a few games in your carnival themed birthday party. If you are going to hire jumping castle, you could have a fun obstacle course with the castle as a prop. Kissing booths are another famous activity in adult parties. If you cannot come up with games on your own, search online and there will be plenty of carnival games to suit any occasion.

Pick Matching Food

A carnival party can have carnival themed food. There are many creative ways to incorporate the theme of carnival into your food as well. You may have a Ferris wheel birthday cake, clown faced cookies, lollipop trees and cotton candy. These are only a few ideas and there can be more if you search on the internet or your local library.