Top tips to breastfeed your baby

Top tips to breastfeed your baby

So, how have you been taking care of your baby? Have you been breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Well, this is one of the most important things to decide after delivery. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the entire world. It feels great when you and your baby get the hang of it. Here are some top tips to breast feed your baby.

• If you are the first time mom, then the best thing to do is to visit a breastfeeding workshop. They will teach you the details on how to deal with things which might cause problems during breast feeding. You can also search some websites and blogs to know more about breast feeding. Some magazines dedicated to breast feeding might also help.

• You might take a bit more time to get it right. A number of factors like c-section, long and stressful birth, etc. might deter your baby from getting breast fed. This can be a natural tendency. Your baby will take a bit more time to learn the new skill. Use supple cups inverted nipples if needed.

• In order to break the baby’s suction, place your small finger into baby’s mouth or else it can hurt you. Use best supple cups inverted nipples whenever needed.

• It’s always advisable to bottle feed your baby at least 6 to 8 weeks after delivery. For a baby, it might be easier to get milk from mother’s breast instead of bottle. Hence, it’s better to start on breast feeding.

• It’s important to be aware while breast feeding. Watch out for baby’s signs of hunger and breast feed him/her whenever he/she is hungry. While your infants are hungry, they might move their hands towards their mouth; make mouth movements, sucking noises, move towards the breast, etc. Be careful of it. Do not wait for your baby to demand or cry.

• Try to be patient while feeding as long as your baby wants to be nursed each time. Do not hurry your baby through feedings. Babies usually breast-feed for 20 minutes on each breast.

• Be sure that you are relaxed while breast feeding. Comfort is important to ensure that your milk will flow down naturally. Get yourself comfortable with pillows and arm support, neck and head and footrest.

• If you can’t breast feed your baby every time, you can use breast pump to take out the milk and store it in the freezer for when it is needed.

• In order to have a successful breast feeding, place your baby on your lap with the baby’s head at the breast that you decide to feed from. Your baby’s mouth level should be at the level of the nipple.

• While you start feeding from left breast, swap to the right for some time.